Recovery Is For People Who Want It

RecoveryRunA few years ago I was running High Ropes Courses in New York as part of a personal development series of workshops. I had taken the workshops myself and had been so touched by my own Ropes Course experience that at the end of the day, I went to the main trainer and I said: “I want to do what you do. How do I do that?” He smiled and said: “My next course is in 2 weeks. Just show up.” And that’s exactly what I did for the next 3 years. I showed up, rain or shine, regardless what was happening or not happening in my life, I just showed up every time, ready to learn, ready to empower, ready for transformation.

In my journey I met a lot of people, some were eager and enthusiastic ready to do whatever it took to achieve their dreams, others were shy and reserved, and others were cocky and even somewhat obnoxious. But they were all there for one reason; they wanted to change their lives for the better. Along this journey I also met a lot of people who were struggling with various things in their lives and my “fix everything and everyone” attitude would often tell me: “They need to do this. Why aren’t they doing this? This would make such a difference in their lives” It took some time but I finally got it: “Change is for people who want it, not for people who need it.”

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