You Are Not The Beggar At The Gate

Gate1I recently read an interview with Michael Emerson in Backstage about his career in which he said:

Don’t be desperate.

“The thing to get rid of is that you are the beggar at the gate, that you are the powerless and helpless eager youngster wanting a crumb from the big table,” Emerson says. “It’s a bad mindset and it doesn’t help you to audition well.” Confidence is important: “At some point, you have to empower yourself and say ‘You know what, I’m good at this.’

It got me thinking. How many times in life do we feel that we’re just as the “beggar at the gate” hoping that a family member, a lover, a supervisor would give us the time of day and feeling somewhat undeserving of the attention we get. I’ve often found myself able to empower other people, but having a hard time empowering myself, giving more than I should because I thought giving myself wasn’t enough.

Let Michael Emerson’s words be a reminder to all of us every day, because “You know what, we’re good at this.”

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