How Will Your Story End?

SunsetBoatThere are many times in life when we just feel powerless, we feel as if there’s no choice for us, as if nothing can go in our favor. We strive for things, we work, we give up, we start again, we feel lonely and defeated. We think we know how the story will end and we don’t like the ending. It’s the moment we crawl into a ball and just wait for the storm to pass, hoping we’ll still be there at the end of it. Or at least that’s the reality in our minds.

However the “real” reality is very different. We can’t change the way things have been, we can’t make a new past, but we can always make a greater future. We never know when our story will end. As John Green said in “The Fault In Our Stars” “we die in the middle of a sentence.” The words that have been written so far are there to stay, but the words yet to be written are all around us and we can make our choice. Chris Mason Miller says it best: “At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.”

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