Love As If Your Life Depends On It

RainbowNiagara1You never thought about it this way, did you? Your life actually depends on love;  your existence hangs in the balance. We may not realize it, but without love, we die a little every day. Our heart shrinks just a little more, our existence becomes a little less significant, until one day we realize that we have lost our lives because we’ve given up on love. 

Here are five ways to love as if your life depends on it and the benefits of doing that:

1. Always put love first. Don’t neglect the rest of your life, but when faced with a choice, always choose love no matter how inconvenient it may seem. Circumstances change every day, but love, love is the only constant that keeps us alive. Stare life in the eyes, tell yourself you’re stronger than your circumstances, and always choose love.

2. Make time for love. Our lives are busy and we’re always moving a million miles a minute; sometimes we get so caught in the whirlwind of life that we forget everything else. Remind yourself to always remember love.

3. Make commitments for love. We set goals for our work, for our career, for pretty much everything else except love. Set goals for your love. How will you be better through love, how will you share your love with the world? Set milestones and achieve them. Where do you want your love to be next week? How about next month? Next year? In 5 years?

4. Keep your promises anyway. You made a promise for love and now it turns out it might not be as easy to keep as your thought? Keep it anyway! Life throws us in rapids and turns at every moment, but love is our life jacket, the one thing that can keep us going, the one thing that keeps us alive through everything. As John Green says in “The Fault In Our Stars” “Love is keeping your promises anyway.”

5. Never ever give up. For all of us who have taken love for granted, who have broken promises, who have gone back on our word because of fear, circumstances, and all sorts of other reasons we’ve deemed important, I remind you and I remind myself of one thing: You don’t find love on a street corner, you don’t stumble upon it every day, it’s a beautiful, rare, and wonderful occurrence. It’s the greatest gift in this world. And when this part of our existence is over, we don’t take the money with us, we don’t take our things, we take our soul. And our soul can either be full of love and kept promises or full of anger and broken promises.

Love is not convenient, it doesn’t happen when we want it, when we push for it, when we crave it. It happens suddenly, sometimes at the most inconvenient time, aiming to stop us in our tracks, to give us a different perspective of life, to shake our reality, and destroy our judgments and misconceptions. But what it brings is a new reality, a new life, a life where breaking our promises is not an option anymore because we know better, because we know love is about keeping our promise anyway, because we know our life depends on it.

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