The Worst Part About Being Strong

LionLately I keep seeing on Facebook and Instagram various photos of symbols of power with this quote next to them “The worst part about being strong is that no one asks you if you are ok.” For a second I almost believed it and I thought the logic behind it actually makes sense. If you’re always the strong one, the one people rely on, then people never worry if you’re ok when you’re going through something because you’re always their rock therefore you’re probably your own rock when needed.

But then I realized it’s a way in which otherwise strong and amazing people are victimizing themselves. Being strong doesn’t make your pain and challenges invisible to other people and it doesn’t make them care less. What does make them care less is when you wear that strength as a badge of honor and make everyone around you feel weaker. Strong people empower the people next to them; strong people are cared for just as the “less strong” ones. Maybe the care for them is shown differently and it doesn’t manifest in people asking them if they are ok, but the care is still there.

Next time you’re wondering if that quote is true for your or not, make sure you’re not pushing people away by being strong or building walls around yourself thinking that strength is about not showing any emotion, but you’re actually letting them in, allowing them to see what’s happening inside without judgments or fears, trusting that your strength comes from the kindness of your heart, not from the impenetrability of your emotions.

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