Pay or Play

HummingBirdThere’s this concept in entertainment called “Pay of Play” – if you have a pay or play contract it means that you will get paid regardless of whether you end up playing your part of not or whether the movie gets made or not. It’s used a lot of A-list talent to make sure they are secured for a specific period of time and for a specific role.

It got me thinking that maybe our lives are a pay or play contract. Whether we choose to play or not, whether we’re part of the action or we’re sitting on the sidelines, we still get “paid” at the end of it. Our payment may look differently than it does in entertainment, but we’re given a choice for a role at various instances in our lives and our contracts are always pay or play – whether we play or not, we all get to an ending, the payment for all of us is our passing. We pass whether we play or not.

Knowing the chance you have to make a difference, to play a role or multiple roles in this lifetime, what will you choose? Will it be a passing after a life on the sidelines or one after the lead role in your life?



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