Everybody Wants Tomorrow Right Now

ArcherWe live in a world where not only do we want everything to come to us, but we want it to come fast. We want food delivered to our door, most online shopping websites offer us overnight shipping if not even same day shipping, as if we can’t wait another minute for that pair of shoes we just ordered or that random device. We always seem to be wishing to have tomorrow right now until the moment when we realize there might be no tomorrow and then we want today forever or at least for a little longer. It’s only then that we realize wishing we had tomorrow right now only makes us waste today and prevents us from enjoying the things that are in front of us right now.

I recently got to experience my own little version of an infinity in exactly 2.5 days. You might wonder how I could ever experience a whole infinity in 2.5 days, but the truth it I did it by refusing to spend each today thinking about what tomorrow might bring. It’s not something that I’m able to do every day, sometimes all I think about is some upcoming event thus taking away from everything the present could offer me. Beyond the whole “carpediem” and “yolo”, we keep rushing for this future, this unknown moment and we keep denying our present. Sometimes it feels like we’re just driving faster and faster with no actual destination in mind, which makes me think of all the people who keep driving faster and faster even when they realize they are lost instead of pulling over for a second to ask for directions or figure out the new path.

Maybe the fast paced reality we live in is making us every more impatient than ever, I for sure know that patience is not one of my strengths, but maybe just maybe once in a while we can take a minute, slow down, enjoy today without immediately wanting tomorrow right now. And maybe on one of those days we’ll also be ok with regular no-rush shipping as opposed to overnight or same day.

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