A Little Magic

SnapDragonAs it happens a recent conversation with a dear friend spurred a trip down memory lane into the magical things that make up my life. You know, all those small little things that mean nothing to everyone else, but mean everything to you. Well here are a few of mine.

Starbucks will always mean adventures and coffee lips, mulberry trees will always bring me back to my grandparents house in the countryside, polenta and home made crepes will always bring the sweet taste of my grandmother’s cooking, snap dragons and basil will always be my grandfather, home made preserves always make me think of my mom who always fills the pantry with them every fall, just in case, even though we live so far away, cowboy straw hats make me smile and think of my dad, putting moisturizer on my face will remind me of my aunt telling me from a young age that I need to take care of my face so I don’t get wrinkles. Cherry tree blossom makes me think of my nephews, soccer makes me think of my brother, while eggplant dip makes me think of my sister-in-law, maybe because she always makes it for me every time I visit.

Sweet tea will never be just sweet tea anymore and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will always mean love. Snowdrops and Moroccan lanterns make me think of engagements and weddings, hyacinth and tulips just lift up my spirit, Indian food means anniversaries, Times Square brings me back to a life-changing moment in my life.

All these things, these somewhat meaningless objects have become magical in my world, so magical that they make me smile every time I encounter them or randomly stumble upon them on an otherwise uneventful day. What are your magic things in life, you know the ones beyond the obvious ones life photos reminding you of loved ones, what do you treasure in your mind and what little things make you smile as the day goes by?

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