Fingers Crossed

FingersCrossedI recently read a study about how superstitions actually make people more successful and to that effect most people who are incredibly successful have their own specific superstitions and rituals they perform before a big event or sometimes even every day. While The Journal of Psychological Science talks about how superstitions give people confidence and actually make them work even harder for their goals even for the simple thing that it gives them a little more faith to push harder in spite of their seemingly inconsequential power, let’s talk about what keeps us going when all faith is lost or when we need that extra bit of luck because we have everything running on one big thing happening right for us.

My superstitions range from the usual throwing salt over my shoulder should I spill it, to believing in lucky charms and crystals. To this day I refuse to open an umbrella inside the house even though I can’t even remember what the “bad luck” is about that, I’ll never put my purse on the floor even if I have to hold it on my lap during dinner, I always walk into or out of a space with my right foot first, and I never buy an even number of flowers. But maybe my most predominant one is about the value I put on the energy of things. I will wear certain watches on days when I need that extra little bit of luck, I have a lucky bracelet that I never take off, custom made and matching with only one other in the world, and even my earrings have magical powers. To that extent, I never wear jewelry unless I bought it myself or a loved one gave it to me and it has some sort of personal value.

Some of my superstitions definitely come from things I learned as a child and inherited by default, without ever questioning them, others are just things I made up on my own, little charms, and little rituals that in my mind have proved to be successful thus far. But what’s even more interesting to me is that I am by far not the only one who has endowed certain objects with magical powers. From knocking on wood, to wearing a shark tooth around their neck, all the mighty successful people out there have their own little quirk. Check out a few of these peculiarities in this LA Times Article and comment below on what makes you tick when it comes to superstitions, rituals, and lucky charms.

2 responses to “Fingers Crossed

  1. I think the reason for that is the fact that people that have superstitions believe that if they dont do certain stuff, thyre gonna be lucky hence the incresed self confidence?


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