Cherishing The Loyal

IMG_5914A dear friend of mine posted this quote on Facebook the other day “Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.”

It got me thinking about the value of loyalty and how it has somehow become and overlooked idea that we either take for granted or don’t really notice until it’s completely gone. But what is it about loyalty that makes it so special, so important to us as emotional beings yet so inherently overlooked.

We learn loyalty as little kids, just like we learn most other feelings. If we’re lucky enough we grow up with parents who are loyal to us no matter how many crazy things we did, whether we decided the newly painted walls look a lot better with some crayon color on them or we scraped our knees. We somehow knew they would always be there. Sometimes they would be happy with us, other times they would be mad, which may have made us feel loved or unloved (even though they always loved us), but loyalty, maybe we didn’t know how to name it, but we never doubted it was there.

As adults, we’re somehow expecting without consciously expecting it because it’s been ingrained in us so much, we really don’t think anything of it. The problem with that, as with anything that we take for granted instead of being grateful for it, is that we push it to the limit, we test it out, just to make sure it’s still there. And loyalty allows us to push and prod, it’s malleable and elastic, it turns and twists the way we want it to, until it breaks. The loyalty bond is strong and beautiful, until it’s not, and rebuilding that bond is like trying to fix an elastic band once broken.

Who are your people, the ones who have always been loyal to you? Have you cherished them, have you returned their loyalty? If not, take a minute and do it now.

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