What Are You Willing To Lose?

BirdsOnTheSeaWith the US Open finishing up this weekend, I found a quote of one of the great tennis players of my childhood, Andre Agassi: “What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.”

It got me thinking about how we approach our goals in life, the competitions we are part of, and the challenges we face. Sometimes we go about it full fledged, pushing for the goal, trying to win, getting that laser focus we need to succeed and other times, the focus is not so “laser”, we get a little derailed, we lose sight of what we set out to do, we take detours, we delay without realizing what we’re losing in the process. In those moments, the moments when we lose sight of what we have to gain, that’s where the words of Andre Agassi come into play, as it stops being about what we have to gain and it starts being about what we could potentially lose.

When we do change the perspective and become aware of what there is to lose by not following through with our purpose and our goal, that’s when everything gets realigned and we understand once again that our gain is about victory, about succeeding once again, about standing tall and proud in our accomplishments, but it’s also about not allowing ourselves to lose something so valuable to us. 

Taking a moment now and looking at your goals, the ones you set to accomplish and got derailed along the way, the ones you just put on the back burner because you think they can wait, what is there to lose by not accomplishing them? Isn’t it time you feel what’s it like on the victorious side, on the winning side?

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