The Power Of Authenticity

FernBudBrené Brown, the amazing researcher on the power of vulnerability and authenticity says, “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

For the most part authenticity sounds scary to me. Exposing yourself just the way you are without holding back, without letting anything around you break the integrity of who you are. It takes a tremendous amount of courage. Now it’s important to make a difference here between being authentic and being true to who you are deep down inside and pushing yourself, your opinions on other people. When I talk about being authentic and embracing who you are, I’m referring to that gentle wonderful way of showing up in the world exactly the way you are without trying to hinder other people, but at the same time without changing who you are to fit into some pattern set for you.

For some of us being authentic is probably the scariest thing in the world and some of us may not even remember how to do that, how to stand in that power, with that courage to accept who we are, be proud of who we are, and proclaim it to the world without apologizing for it. As Brené says, it’s a daily practice, but what awaits as a result of this daily practice is the amazing feeling that we are whole, complete, and beautiful, that it’s ok to be vulnerable, that we have moments when we are strong and moments when we’re not so strong, that we are true to ourselves no matter what, that we grow every day and we always try to learn more, to become better, to move to the next level and step into our greatness.

Take a moment today and ask yourself: What would it take for you to show up authentic in this world every day? And who are the people that you already feel you can be authentic with? Keep those people close, they are the ones who can remind you of who you truly are, remind you of your beauty when you forget it.

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