It’s Not Enough To Know What You Want

GatewayI was watching Oprah’s interview with Paulo Coelho on Super Soul Sundays and he said something that really touched me “It’s not enough to know what you want, you have to do what you want.”

Think about the value of his words. Awareness of one thing is one thing, but action, doing something to actually get what you want, that’s a totally different thing. A lot of times we think awareness is everything, we believe that once we know something, then that’s enough and we can just stay in the awareness. But knowing something becomes useless we don’t do something with that knowledge, if we don’t step into the wisdom of realizing that the universe has given us a gift we cannot waste.

Sometimes knowing something is the one thing that keeps us stuck. The overwhelming amount of information that gets our brain thinking about what could be, what couldn’t be, and all the doomsday what ifs that could cross our mind when we stay stuck in the non-action part.

Take a moment today, look at the places in your life where you’ve had the awareness, but you’ve lacked the action. Listen to the two part Paulo Coelho interview on Super Soul Sundays to get some inspiration and start taking steps towards your dreams.

Super Soul Sundays Oprah & Paulo Coelho 1

Super Soul Sundays Oprah & Paulo Coelho 2

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