In The Face Of Unknown

MonkeysWe’ve all been faced with the uncertainty of the unknown, with those moments where we don’t really know which way to go as if feels like we’re being pulled in a million directions and the more we try to hold on to everything, the more we seem to be losing everything.

While the Universe runs by the laws of physics, the unbreakable, infallible laws that never cease to amaze us like the law of gravity, law of attraction – laws that apply to everything and everyone regardless of who they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going; the laws of human beings are less predictable, less reliable, and less fail-safe.

In the face of this unknown, there is really just one thing that we can do. Just like scientists go back to basics, to the constants, we have to do the same. Who are those people who have been a constant in your life regardless of what was happening, when things we’re looking up, they were there just like gravity to keep us grounded while we fly high and when things were down, they made sure we always got up while staying grounded. Just like in math and physics there’s something reassuring about constants, as they are completely fail-proof. They are the people who always welcome you back after you’ve been to “war” can came back defeated, ready to help you heal your wounds, and they are also the people who welcome you back to celebrate when you’re coming back with a victory.

In the face of the unknown, look for your constants, look for those people, and hold on to them as you take the leap of faith into the unknown. And just like in math or physics, your constants will never fail you when everything else becomes variable.

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