The Moment Of Clarity

PlumeriaI keep hearing different people talk about moments of clarity they’ve had at one point or another in their lives and how in that moment they finally saw things clearly and they knew exactly what was going on or what they needed to do. I believe the moment of clarity is a bit different, I think it’s that moment when you realize what you’ve known all along, but were refusing to see. It’s not divine inspiration, it’s just that moment when you put down all the shields, all the insecurities, all the things that are clouding your judgment and you allow your intuition to show you a clear picture.

Most of the times we are took afraid to put down our guard, to allow ourselves to see. It’s usually in extreme moments or when we reach a certain level in our quiet meditation that our mind shuts down enough to allow those moments of clarity. People talk about their life flashing before their eyes when their life is in danger and finally realizing the truth they’ve known all along, but maybe there’s a way to get those moments of clarity without having our life in danger. For me, my moments of clarity come from my meditation and sometimes from my dreams. Other times, I will see something, a little clue that will reveal a whole world I didn’t allow myself to see. And sometimes they will come from my writing, from sitting down and allowing my thoughts to free fall into words.

Where do your moments of clarity come from? Do you act upon them once that clarity is revealed to you?

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