The First Step In Generating Change

RedGlowI’ve been asked about a lot of people lately about creating change in their lives. How do they go about it? Where should they start? Should it be a small step? A big step? Should they just shuffle the cards and see what comes up? Should they be cautious or take big risks?

I don’t know if there is a real perfect formula of how to go about generating change in our lives, if there is, I haven’t found it. Sometimes it happens because things simply can’t go on the way they did before, other times it’s a moment of crisis that pushes for a change, and sometimes we just get a moment of inspiration that changes our life forever and encourages us to reach a higher potential. But in the absence of those very intense moments, what can we do?

I believe the first step in generating change is to plant the doubt that things are perfect the way they are. Once we understand that, once we see the potential of what could be and realize that staying passive will only take us from whatever perfect moments we have now to a state of numbness, that’s when we get the desire to change, to make things better for us and for everyone we love. It may not be a spark of genius, or a moment of crisis, but planting that doubt that things are ok the way they are might just be the thing that generates that spark, that crisis that pushes us towards the amazing life we all desire and want to live.

Take a moment today, look at your life, where can you start planting the doubt that things are perfect the way they are and start moving towards a life of excellence where you always strive for the best, always enjoy the good, and are always looking for the next moment of growth and opportunity.

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