Do You Ever Just Jump For Joy?

Jump For Joy1I got some news the other day that literally made my stomach fill with millions and millions of butterflies of joy. I remember the exact moment. It was 5.25pm when I read the email. I saw the notification on my phone, but since I was on a call, I went to my computer to check the email. As I read it, everything went blank. I read it over and over again to make sure I was actually reading what I thought I was reading, I jumped, I squealed, I frantically texted, and of course I revealed the news to the person on the other end of the call. Looking back it wasn’t a life changing moment, yet it was the perfect moment coming at a perfect time.

It got me thinking that maybe life is not just about life-changing moments, but about those little perfect moments that come at a perfect time and turn our stomach into a million monarch butterflies all taking off at the same time. Sometimes we put so much value on life-changing moments that we don’t realize perfect moments happen all the time. Sometimes they’re brought on by the smile of the person we love, other times by something happening at the perfect moment, and other times they just come slowly and take us by complete surprise when we find ourselves in the middle of them.

That moment the other day reminded me of that joyous feeling when we see someone at the airport that we’ve longed to see, feeling their hug as we see them coming down the stairs before they actually hug us. Those are the perfect moments.

So here’s not more butterfly moments, to more uncontrollable smiles, and more jumps for joy!

One response to “Do You Ever Just Jump For Joy?

  1. This is the true state of humanity! To rejoice is paramount for a life well lived. Truth be told we are all connected and a life truly worth living is a life of celebrating each and every moment together. The brutal reality that unfortunately exists and has existed for 10,000 years, is that of interpersonal violence, egoistic aggression manifested through Corporate mechanisms such as the Military Industrial complex, leaving our world and society devastated by self defeating endless Wars defining the human family sharing life on earth as a primitive species. We are capable of, but do not live our lives as ‘realized beings’ this is due in part to the egoistic nature of the dualistic mind where the connection to the heart is severed. There is much in this discourse to discuss. Thank you all contributors.


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