Is The Foreground Really More Important?

WhiteIrisSometimes we keep our day-to-day life so busy that we think everything that’s immediate is also important. But what if the background, the part that’s a little out of focus right now, that part that we keep in the back of our mind was the important part?

We’ve all had those days, those weeks, even those months when we look back and we realize that we lost focus of what’s important while making the every day things more imperative than the big picture. Those days where we fail to see the forest because of all the leaves. And on those days, we need to take a step back, refocus our vision and look at what really matters. Is it the little things in the foreground or the amazing things waiting for us in the background?

Stephen Covey talks about his big rocks experiment. If you take a big mason jar and you fill it up first with the big rocks, then the medium rocks, and then the little rocks, there will always be room for everything. However if you start with the little rocks, the little worries, there will be no room for the medium and especially the big rocks. The big rocks are the ones that make a difference in our lives, the ones that count in the long run.

As we allow ourselves to focus on the things that truly make us happy, the little things will somehow always fall into place. So take a minute today, this week, this month to focus on the big image in the background, put the big rock in your mason jar, the one that holds the key to your incredible life and let all the little things, the little questions, the little circumstances fall into place.

2 responses to “Is The Foreground Really More Important?

  1. when it comes down to being happy, its all about balance. if you spend too much time focusing on any one particular aspect, whether its the big picture or the little details, you’re going to go astray in some way. either its losing focus of a goal or missing the little things that could potentially be life changing lessons.

    i’ve seen that rocks in a jar presentation, its cool.


    • I agree. It’s all about balancing everything. Sometimes it’s important to remember that what seems to be pressing right now is not necessarily the most important. It just happens to be “screaming” louder 😉


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