Who Are Your Haters?

SmokeI’ve talked a lot about who our supporters are, the people who lift us up at every step, who see our light even when we don’t see it. But what about the haters, the spammers, the ones who always bring darkness, who try to lower us to their level?

I recently had such a spammer experience with a person that I don’t even know personally, but who felt the need to attack me for my beliefs and my love for life. After the initial shock and putting up the spam filter, I started thinking: What would make this person say such things about someone they don’t even know? Pass judgments as if they know better. And then it hit me, they were trying to elicit a reaction from me. It didn’t matter what it was, they just wanted a reaction and better yet they wanted me to join the game of who can sink lower in diminishing the other person. Unlucky for them, it didn’t work out that way. Since what they claimed was blatantly false, all I did was block everything and move on. Sometimes the best answer is no answer.

I realized that I would never sink to their level, but I will always stand in my own power and watch them drown in their own words and actions. They will try to cloud your judgment and trigger you to do things that you may not even feel inside your heart. Find your way around the smoke mirrors; let the dust settle. So when faced with a hater, don’t let them drag you to their level, stand powerfully and shine your light over them. The light will always melt the darkness away.

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