Stop Overanalyzing, Just Enjoy It!


Photo courtesy of George Stancu

I’m one of those people who finds meaning in everything, actually I’m one of those people who puts meaning in everything. I look at a situation, I analyze it as a whole and then I start breaking it down in little parts, in little reactions, in little gestures and every tiny little thing gets its own special meaning that may or may not be true in reality.

There is some good to this approach as I can spot the intention behind certain gestures before it becomes apparent to other people as well as see connections between things and build strategies around that. No doubt, it is a useful tool at times, but don’t be fooled, it has its own drawbacks that sometimes outweigh the benefits. Sometimes I see connections that aren’t there because of a slight thing that I may have noticed once, other times I see things that I didn’t want to know about, I notice micro reactions that people may cover up with a casual smile, I get overly involved in finding out the truth because I can see that there’s something behind the surface, so overly involved that I have a hard time enjoying the present moment. I pretty much get so lost in the leaves that I forget to see the beauty of the forest. 

For all of you out there who nodded yes when reading the words above, I only have one advice. Keep it light! Notice the details, bask in the joy of seeing those beautiful connections between people and things, but at the same time, take a step back from time to time to notice the big picture, to enjoy life and remember that there is no absolute truth, there’s just your truth that matters.

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