Learning Patience

TopOfTheMountainSome people are just born patient. They don’t get anxious when they have to wait for things, they don’t feel the need to rush into anything, they just know life happens at its own rhythm and they trust that rhythm. I’m not one of those people, I want everything to happen right now or better yet before I even ask for it or think about it. I want life to manifest itself at the same rhythm as my million thoughts a second and if teleportation were an option, I would probably be one of their first clients.

In life being patient lets us make sure we take our time and allow ourselves to observe a situation and always find the best solution for every situation without rushing into things and without destroying the instances that just take too long in our opinion. There are a few ways to learn patience for all of us who weren’t born to be naturally patient. Let’s explore three of the tools that allow us to become more patient and therefore improve our minds.


It’s no coincidence that patience and cooking are connected as cooking is an evolving mix or art and science, always expanding, always changing, always offering something new. Just to make sure there are no confusions, I’m talking about real cooking, not about taking something and putting it in the microwave oven for 5 minutes. Try new recipes, challenge yourself even when you’re making eggs in the morning. Could you master those perfect soft-boiled eggs? Or maybe this is the day when you will start making that recipe you saw on some cooking show that requires 24-48 hours prep time for marinating or curing, even though you have to wait 2 days to eat it? Or anything that you’ve never quite gotten right or you’ve always found just too complicated.


When we are impatient, our mind races and makes us lose track of what’s important as there are too many thoughts invading our mind at the same time. Meditation quiets the mind. It allows us to slow down our thoughts, get into that gap between the thoughts and let our intuition shine through. While the salmon is curing take a little time to “cure” your soul. Allow yourself to step into a quiet space, breathe and go inside your heart. If you’re new to meditation and are not sure where to start, there are plenty of resources online that you can use as an inspiration like Ananda or one of my favorites Omvana.


As in handwriting, not typing on our computers. We’ve all gotten so good at typing that even when our mind is racing, we can still write down our thoughts if needed. However handwriting still remains an art of slowing us down and allowing us to focus on one thought at a time. Chinese and Japanese children usually take calligraphy lessons in an effort to teach them patience and the importance on focusing on one thing at a time to get the best results possible. If you don’t know what you could even handwrite or don’t remember the last time you held a pen, start small. Write your to-do list for the day, or maybe just write one happy thought every morning in a beautiful way. Pay attention to each letter, maybe remember how it felt when you were learning to write and you would focus on each stroke at a time and little by little by putting together those lines and circles, you would end up with a letter, a word and eventually a sentence.

There is not absolute secret to learning patience and patience in itself is only a virtue when we know the right times to be patient and the right times to rush into things and uncontrollably ride the wave of life as patience can easily turn into complacency and lack of action or decision in our lives. Maybe your road towards learning patience and letting go of anxiety will be different, but as long as you find your way to learn it, you have achieved the most important part of the process.

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