What Good Is Power?

PowerDragonWe often talk about powerful people, we look up to them, we have various definitions of what power even means and we apply them in different circumstances. For me true power is strength over time, it’s the ability to keep with it when things are good and keep even more with it when things are bad and most importantly power is the ability to protect the people we love.

What good is power if you can’t protect the people you love? What purpose does it serve to look and act powerful, to be successful, to be viewed as a leader if inside of that we can’t protect the people who mean most to us. In the past few weeks some of the people dear to me lost someone who was dear to them. Some of them were at peace as they could be with it as they had left things clean; they always protected their loved ones and showed them their love even though they couldn’t prevent faith. Others still live with the guilt of not protecting them, of putting them to the side, telling them to wait, putting their loved ones in the shadows.

I realized they were all viewed as powerful people, every single one of them is a leader to whom other people look up to, yet for some of them their power was limited by their inability to protect the people they love and to leave things unfinished because they didn’t have time, because they had other things that took priority over the people they love. While talking to them, I got a resounding voice saying: “Power is worth nothing if it’s at the expense of the people you love.”

If you look at your life, who do you identify with? Is it the powerful people who protect the people they love and always know the people they love are the true source of their power or is it the people who choose power at the expense of the people they love? You’re not stuck in any off those categories, so right now, today, make the choice that would make you and the people you love proud…Time waits for no one.

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