What Kind Of Relationship Are You In?


“Relationships are mysterious. We doubt the positive qualities in others, seldom the negative. You will say to your partner: do you really love me? Are you sure you love me? You will ask this a dozen times and drive the person nuts. But you never ask: are you really mad at me? Are you sure you’re angry? When someone is angry, you don’t doubt it for a moment. Yet the reverse should be true. We should doubt the negative in life, and have faith in the positive.” ― Christopher Pike, Remember Me

As I meet more and more people in different types of relationships, as I’m sometimes surprised or curious about what brings them together, I decided to do a little research into the type of relationships that we usually have whether it’s romantic or friendship ones.

Lifetime Relationship

This one is quite self-explanatory and in my mind it’s the kind of relationship my grandparents had until the day they passed. You meet, you almost know from the start there’s something pulling you together even if sometimes you insist on resisting it, you share your life together, grow old together, and eventually pass away loving that same person. Maybe the love changes over time, maybe some of the passion goes away and this sweet comfort of lying in the arms of that person takes its place, but the love is always there.

Life-Giving Relationship

These are the relationships that bring you back to life after a traumatic event or after an experience that completely transformed your life. They are the ones that make you believe in love again after you’ve lost faith and give you hope on the days when it feels that there is none.Soulmate

Purposeful Relationship

You are brought together to fulfill a purpose. Maybe you are at the same point in your life and you support each other through that stage only to naturally grow apart once the purpose has been served.

The lifetime relationships usually incorporate the life-giving and the purposeful as how could we ever have a lifetime relationship without a purpose to it or without our partner inspiring us back to life whenever we drift away? 

Look at your life, who are the people you know will be there forever? Who are the ones who have completely transformed your life already and maybe you never acknowledged them? Isn’t it time you did so?

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