For All The Things I’m Not

NovicaLoversThis past week was incredibly special for me. Between thanksgiving dinners (there were a few), a wonderful birthday dinner, and celebrating an anniversary, the messages of love kept coming. From text messages and emails, to Facebook wall posts, to calls or even songs, I was blessed to receive the love from all corners of the world, all time zones, thus making my birthday last about 40 hours and all the celebrations seem even bigger. Not to mention that the thanksgiving dinners started the week before and the celebrations are continuing this week.

It got me thinking about how grateful I am to be loved for all the things I am to everyone around me, but also for all the things I’m not. It’s easy to love someone because they do certain things or they represent certain things for us, but it’s hard to love their dark sides, hard to love the things about them where we think they are lacking in some sort of way. Yet I felt loved for all those things I’m not, I felt understood, I felt compassion and joy, I felt a desire to be the things I’m not yet because I saw in the eyes of the people around me how much they value and love me for all the things I am and all the things I’m not. And I realized how much I love them for all the things they’re not and the many more things they are.

Do you have people in your life who love you for all the things you’re not or whom you love for all the things they’re not? Are you willing to love and forgive them as well as love and forgive yourself for all the things you’re not? If you did, how would your life change in a split second?

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