The Wonders Of Traditions

SaintNicholasWhen I was growing up there was one holiday that we, as kids, loved more than no other. Saint Nicholas – he came on the night of December 5th and brought candy to the good kids and a stick to the bad kids. While Santa put his gifts under the tree, Saint Nicholas put them in our boots. So on December 5th, my brother and I would take all the boots in the house, shine them and align them by the door. We figured the more boots we put at the door, the more candy we would get so we would pretty much take all the boots in the house. My parents would always play along and fill the boots with gifts and I’m guessing they were also content with the fact that all the boots in the house would be shined for the day.

As I got older some of the wonder of that tradition went away. Now I know there’s no Saint Nicholas putting gifts in my boots, yet I still love the idea of finding candy in my boots in the morning even if sometimes I put it in myself at night J. Yet somehow that tradition has lived on and not a Saint Nicholas day passes without me remembering the candy and sharing it with anyone I live with. My boyfriend is always happy about this tradition since we both love candy and there’s never enough of it.

We all have traditions we’ve kept since we were kids. Some of them are the usual ones that transcend cultures and are transmitted all over the world, others are little things that are maybe celebrated just in one or two families. But there’s always magic to all these beautiful traditions. As for me, even though I don’t anxiously stay up an night waiting for Saint Nicholas and my parents don’t have to trick me into going to be so they can sneak candy in my boots, the joy of it is still there.

When you look at your traditions, what are the ones that are still close to your heart after so many years? What are the ones you’d like to pass on to your kids even if they’re not as well known?

Happy Saint Nicholas everyone! I hope you get lots of candy in your boots!

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