What Does It Really Mean?

MothI’m one of those people who puts meaning into everything. So last week when I dreamt that a person I’ve never met in reality, but was somehow my coworker in my dream, asked me to take care of her dog for a few days, only to find out later that she was asking me that because she was planning on killing herself and wanted to make sure someone took care of the dog, I started digging through online dream dictionaries and Freud’s dream analysis to see exactly what that could mean.

After doing my diligent research and finding out that suicide in a dream usually refers to certain things that I may be trying to let go of because they no longer serve me, it got me thinking. How much of this was my desire to just find meaning, any meaning, and how much of it was actually true? While I did enjoy reading Freud during that stage in high school when psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and all those things are simply fascinating, did my dream actually mean anything or was I just attaching meaning to it? After all, I did watch a TV show before falling asleep that could have just been the reason for my weird dream as opposed to some intricate significant meaning that I was looking for.

The truth is that at the end of it, no matter how much meaning we put in things, events, coincidences, higher powers, a lot of things in this universe still happen at random and the domino effect still sets in motion things that might otherwise be completely unrelated. Giving things meaning does make us feel as if life is everlasting and tomorrow or next week is promised just because we build a bridge between something that happened and a belief in our mind.

We are the ones who put meaning on things; therefore we are the ones who can also change that meaning. Think about how much freedom that brings to all of us! We have the choice to put meaning on everything around us, to choose the meaning that supports us in going forward, the one that gives us courage, as well as the one that reminds us to enjoy today, to remember the importance of building joy in this moment while building it for the future.

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