How I Want To Be Loved

Love PlanesLast week I got to see the new movie, Exodus Gods and Kings and was struck by a wonderful quote during Moses’ wedding, a vow that seemed more powerful than any other I’ve heard before.

“I love everything that I know about you and I trust in what I don’t.”

I know most people who watch this movie will be impressed by the unbelievable special effects, the wonderful actors, or the yet again beautiful work of the director, but the thing that stuck with me the most out of the entire movie was this particular quote. It got me thinking about the incredible power of those words. Sometimes we tend to go overboard with our feelings and make brave statements like: I will always love everything about you. But the truth is we can’t love what we don’t know yet, all we can do is trust it that we will. I wonder if instead of making statements we have no idea if we can ever keep it wouldn’t be much better to give our faith to the other person along with our love, to stand proud in front of them and promise them our love as well as our undying trust that whatever we learn about them as time goes by, nothing will dent the love we have for them.

Next time you think about declaring your love to someone, ask yourself, do you trust them not to do anything that will change the love, and more importantly do you trust yourself to love them and give them your faith? Until then: “I love everything that I know about you and I trust in what I don’t.” 

2 responses to “How I Want To Be Loved

  1. I just love this.. I saw this movie a week ago and that quote just meant everything, I felt it. So I searched for the quote again on Google and ended up here. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that this part was the one that was most powerful throughout the whole movie 🙂


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