You Can Go Slowly

SkiShadowWhile on an impromptu skiing trip with a great friend yesterday, I got reminded of my first few days on the slopes. I was lucky enough to have the man I love as a teacher, to have him be patient, but at the same time push me beyond my comfort zone every minute. So I ended up going down a blue slope on my second day skiing and soon enough I was testing the black diamonds. To this day I remember being on the ski lift to get to the top of what was to become my first black slope ever. I looked at him with terror and said: “I don’t think I can do this!” He just smiled and said: “Yes you can!” and then he added something that has stayed with me every time I’m doing something new, something that scares me, something that pushes me beyond my comfort zone: “You don’t have to go fast, you can go as slowly as you need to!”

Here I was looking at all these people and thinking I had to all of the sudden be at their level. They had been skiing or snowboarding for years, they were fast, graceful; they were terrifying from the bird’s eye view of the ski lift. But I didn’t have to be like them, I could take my own time, go at my own pace, learn in my own rhythm. I didn’t have to compare myself with anyone else, nor did I have to prove anything else, except that I could actually do it.

And so I did, I learned that no matter how steep the slope was, no matter how scary everything got, I could go slowly. Do you have area in your life where you’re petrified in the face of a new challenge? Maybe it’s time, you took a break and reminded yourself that you don’t have to go fast, you just need to go.

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