There’s A First Time For Everything

IceSkatingWhen was the last time you tried something for the first time? I mean really, something that didn’t come easy to you, something that maybe scared you, even though it may have seemed trivial to others.

A few days before Christmas I went ice-skating for the first time…ever. The crazy thing is that I actually expected it to be easy. I mean if my 5-year old nephew can do it (granted he took lessons), how hard can it be? Besides, everyone seemed to have a blast at the rink from the little kids to the adults and everyone seemed to be a natural. Well it was easy, until I put on my skates and I stepped on the ice…and then it wasn’t. I had gone roller blading a few times about a million years before, but I didn’t really remember any of it. And this felt uncomfortable, awkward, and frustrating, as all my friends seemed to know how to do it with grace and elegance. At this point, I had a choice, I could either go back to the side, take the skates off and call it a day or I could give it my best. I asked my friends to support me so they each took one of my hands and went around twice with me. After that I was on my own. I fell a couple times, got up every time and by the end of it, I was actually skating. I wasn’t graceful, I wasn’t doing figure 8s or anything, but I was comfortable enough to go round and round on the rink.

What do you have in your life that you’ve always wanted to try, but you’ve always held yourself back? It might be a little thing or it might be something big. It may turn out that your somewhat good at it once you allow yourself to try or it may turn out that you will look just like me on the ice-skating rink. But isn’t it time, you tried it?

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