Are You Breaking The Rules?

DSCN2808As innovators and forward thinkers, we always view breaking the rules as a way to push forward, to create better things, to take life in general to the next level. More often than not there are two ways in which we break the rules: sometimes, we break the rules on purpose to see what’s on the other side and other times, we break the without even realizing it because we simply don’t know better.

Breaking the rules by chance

When we break the rules by chance, the results are not necessarily what we’re looking for. We might lose everything because of a simple mistake or we may not even realize we broke the rules until it’s too late because we never bothered to learn the rules to begin with. Remember that in order to break the rules, you actually have to know what they are.

Breaking the rules on purpose 

When we break the rules on purpose, we have a good understanding of what the rules are; yet we are unhappy to live by them. The great thing about breaking the rules on purpose is that if we do it in a smart way, we create innovation, we create progress, and we move ourselves and the people around us forward. On the other hand, if we break the rules on purpose without putting some thought into it, then all we get is chaos.

Next time you have a desire to break the rules, make sure you know what those rules are to begin with and take a minute to look what’s on the other side. Will breaking the rules bring chaos or will it bring innovation?

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