Are You Setting The Pace Or Catching Up?

CulverCityStairsWe all have our own rhythm and our own pace in life, whether we set it intentionally or we somehow ended up operating at that pace by chance. Sometimes our pace depends on our emotions, other times our commitments dictate it, but it’s more or less ever changing yet always somehow the same. And while we look for people in our lives who match our rhythm, there’s a lot of power in having around us people with different rhythms than ours. A while back I heard someone say: “In life you’re either setting the pace of catching up.” It got me thinking about the value of the people for whom we’re either setting the pace or with whom we’re trying to catch up.

If you’re the one setting the pace, it’s exciting as you get to be the one with the vision, the one who can be the leader and if you’re catching up, you have the incredible opportunity to be inspired by someone else, to push yourself, to learn more and be more every day. What’s even more important is that when you find those perfect people in your life, you realize that the roles get reversed all the time. There will always be areas in which you’re setting the pace and areas in which you’re catching up, you will always grown both by being the one who leads and the one who is being lead. 

However, you always want to make sure that whatever is happening and whether you’re setting the place or catching up, you’re never lagging behind and you’re not rushing ahead all by yourself.

If you look at your life right now, are there any areas where you may be lagging behind? Isn’t it time you caught up? And if you’re rushing ahead, somehow spinning out of control, then maybe it’s time to set that perfect pace for every area of your life.

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