Life Is A Split Second

SuperBowl49For those of us rooting for the Seahawks in the SuperBowl, yesterday was a day full of exhilaration and anxiety, culminating with sadness. We were all there with all our hearts, believing in them and we were all in shock about the last few seconds of the game. If you were like me, you watched the rerun over and over, hoping that you didn’t see it right the first time, thinking that maybe it was a mistake, that they didn’t just lose a game that was completely theirs, that they didn’t make such a wrong call, that a split second took away what seemed to be theirs.

Beyond the heartbreak, what happened last night got me thinking: How many times in life do we lose everything because of a split second decision that turns out to be wrong? How many times do we work so hard for everything, we’re almost there and then everything crumbles so we have to start all over again? The Seahawks fought so hard, they came back after they were almost eliminated by the Packers, they played a good game in the SuperBowl, only to make the wrong decision in the worst time ever, when they were running out of time. Yes, they will come back next year and they will fight again, maybe they’ll make it to the SuperBowl again, but at least for this time around, it’s over.

If you look at your life, how many times have you had your life turn upside down because of a wrong decision you made in a split second? What did you learn from it? Did you make the same mistake twice or multiple times? Were you able to fix it?

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