Are You Standing or Defending?

I got reminded of this today and I felt it would be a great reminder for a lot of people reading my blog.

Lavinia Lumezanu

Last week I talked about the Courage to Be You about being able to show your heart honestly and openly, about being the purple tree in a see of green. Today I’d like to talk about the difference between standing for something and defending something.

DSC_7590A few years ago I did the Momentum Trainings  and the trainers put a lot of pressure on us about how we had to support our team mates, we had to stand for them, to never give up. I’ve always struggled with that because I believed that at some point people need to be responsible for their own stuff. I’m willing to do everything I can to support them, but if they persist in their own stuff, then maybe it’s better to just let them deal with their stuff and focus on myself. When I said that in momentum, I remember the lead trainer saying I…

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