What Is Your Faith?

AngelFor some of us faith is about religion, about believing in a greater God, a God that is the same yet somehow different in every religion. We go to church every week, we pray, we fast for lent, we bring alms…

For other faith has nothing to do with religion, it’s more a matter of spirituality, of being connected to a higher being outside the rules of a specific church or worship establishment.

And for others, faith is about not believing, about constantly challenging a questioning the existence of the divine, whether in a religious setting or not.

I don’t believe in having to decide which specific category we belong to, so here’s what faith means to me and how it manifests in my life. Maybe you might connect with some of my experiences:

  • I believe in the divine love that exist in every one of us and I believe in the good in everyone around me
  • While I may not go to church every week, I talk to the universe and my angels every day. And on that note, I believe in angels. I believe that my grandparents who passed turned into angels and are protecting me from above and sending me signs and messages. Sometimes I may be reluctant to see those messages, but they keep sending them anyway
  • I believe the universe has its own ways to connect us, ways that we sometimes follow and other times completely mess up. It’s like the universe is a GPS system taking us to the destination. Sometimes we ignore a turn and we can just as easily take the next one, other times we take the wrong turn and it takes a long time to get back on track
  • I have faith in my intuition and that our heart feels things we might not be aware of. I’ve had quite a few times in my life when I felt things coming to be even before I had any idea they were coming
  • I believe that our faith and our energy sometimes gets blocked and we need a “massage of the soul” to release it. I remember to this day, my one interaction with a shaman many years ago in India. I had been sick for weeks, taking medicine that didn’t have any effect and she looked at me, asked me to close my eyes, touched my forehead and said a prayer to the Universe and I somehow started feeling better
  • I believe in messages from the Universe whether they come in the form of dreams, people brought in our path, situations

While my faith may not look traditional all the time, I will still light candles for the dead every time I’m in a church, I will give alms for my dear ones who passed. And I believe that the Universe will always align things for the best if we just allow it. I believe in Magic

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