Bringing Magic Mondays To JustLav

Mondays can mean a different thing to all of us. Some of us love it, some of us dread it, but somehow for all of us, it is the beginning of something new, a chance to start over, to set a different tone, to change the pace, to start that program we’ve been meaning to start, to make things right and make them anew.

#MagicMondaysRegardless what category you fall into, the new Magic Mondays at JustLav will support you in having the best week every week by starting it right. The idea of Magic Mondays started in the beginning of this year when I declared that this will be the year of bringing magic back into my life and it continued on with making decisions that would allow that magic to pour back in my life with no boundaries, fighting for what I want, letting go of things from the past that were weighing me down, and finding happiness even in the gloomy days. And then last week, I decided it was time to finally launch it. I started off by doing a design all by myself, but then my dear friend and awesome designer, Amelie took it to the next level and designed the layout for #magicmondays that will be introduced to JustLav this upcoming Monday.

As I’m exploring the magic in my life and how the planets align to bring the best things in our lives, but also how we tend to overthink everything and sometimes give the universe a hard time as it’s trying to align everything in our lives and we keep resisting, I will use this opportunity to share with you little nuggets of love and inspiration every Monday to uplift you, to make you question what’s working and what’s not working in your life and maybe give you that little push you need to bring magic back into your life.

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