Bring More Love Into The World

LifePathSome of you out there already know about the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21-day Meditation Challenges (#21DayMeditationExperience) and about the new one that started on Monday Manifesting True Success. For 21 days, they send an email every day with a 20 minute meditation, a little paragraph to focus on, a mantra, and a centering thought, building one day from the other and bringing peace and enlightenment to each of us.

Yesterday it was all about bringing more love into the world and I was particularly inspired by the paragraph attached to the meditation.

“We might think that our relationships, our passions, and caring for ourself and for others may only be a small factor in our overall success in life. But these bonds of love define our emotional core and tell us who we are and how we are connected to the world. 

These currents of love, caring, and passion are what awaken our creativity and carry us forward to accomplish big things in life. By tapping into your love, you are establishing your success on your core values and truths. Living your life from that center of love, you can only be successful.”

It got me thinking about the important role unconditional love plays into our lives even when we don’t realize it. When we love we elevate ourselves and everyone around us to a sort of lightness; a state of being that allows for everything to happen and for the impossible to become possible. Whenever I’ve talked to incredibly successful people, they somehow always come back to love as the force that drove them forward, no matter how much money they made and where their business was going.

For anyone looking to tap into Manifesting True Success, check out these two incredibly successful people, Deepak and Oprah, who have been carried in their vision and their success by the sheer power of love.

If you look at your life now, where could love take you to the next level, where could you invite love in full-heartedly and allow it to work its magic in manifesting the best success you ever had, however that looks for you?

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