She Walked On Magic

Honoring a year since her passing, this is what came into my heart when I thought about her today.

MamaieTataieShe walked slowly; she always walked slowly as if there was no reason to rush through life. She would embark on journeys of a thousand miles and have the patience to take them to the end no matter how long it took.

She had this thing…she would just sit really close to you, touching, almost glued. If you moved, she moved. She wouldn’t say a word, she would just watch you with the most subtle Monalisa smile on her face.

Her love was quiet, like the morning rain, that peaceful moment when you wake up and the rain just gently touches the windows as if it doesn’t want to disturb your beautiful dreams.

I don’t remember her ever making any requests. She just received requests and tried to make them happen. Her resources may have been limited, but her love was immense.

She would pray. I never knew what she prayed for or what she asked God for, but she read her little books of prayers all the time. I’d like to think she was praying for us to have a beautiful life…actually I know that’s exactly what she was praying for.

She was an angel even before she found her way to heaven.

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