The Hug Of A Lifetime

HugAbout a week ago, I posted a photo of an amazing hug I gave and received on Instagram and I got so many comments from my friends asking me who the person in, but most importantly telling me how warm and loving that hug looked. The hug was indeed warm and loving, and the person giving me the hug is one of the kindest and most loving people I’ve ever met. The hug, the hug was just like that amazing feeling you have when you come in from a cold into a mountain cabin with the fire burning in the fireplace, that feeling when your entire heart is warmed up in one second.

Now I’ve been lucky as I’ve had quite a few of those hugs in my life, some of them from people I love and others from people whom I barely knew, some of them from kids and others from adults. And there’s one thing that I’ve always felt during those hugs…that feeling, that incredible moment of melting into the other person’s soul, that one moment of feeling loved, protected and completely wrapped up in love, that breathtaking sensation of a hug lasting a lifetime. But what I think is even more important than that is that I’ve given those hugs to everyone around me, I’ve melted my soul into theirs and I’ve received their warmth into mine.

If you look at your life, what kind of hugger are you? And just to be clear, I’m not talking about just the physical act of hugging someone, as you can just go through the motions or you can hug with your heart and soul. And if you are a going through the motions type of person right now, what would it take for you to melt into someone’s soul. What if today you gave the hug of a lifetime to someone?

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