What Butterfly Stage Are You In?

ButterflyBrittoLast week was my nephew’s third birthday and among all the trucks, legos and other boy toys, he also got a butterfly kit. For those of you who have kids out there, you might know about them, but I had no idea they even existed. You basically get a kit with a few caterpillars and you take care of them until they turn into butterflies, watching them through all the stages from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally a beautiful butterfly. Apart from being an amazing learning opportunity for a child, it got me thinking about what an amazing metaphor it is for adults. So much so that I’m thinking about getting one for myself.

While reading through the instructions of care, I realized something very important. All these instructions could easily apply to every single goal we have in our lives. The caterpillars arrive in this cup that’s already filled with all the nutrients needed for them to grow, just like our dreams emerge in our hearts where they already have everything they need to grow. After going through a few stages of shedding their skin and leaving behind what no longer serves them, they build the chrysalis around themselves. The purpose of this is to be protected while they prepare themselves to emerge into these beautiful butterflies. In this manifesting process, the instructions clearly state: Do not disturb the chrysalis! The action has already happened while they were in caterpillar stage, now it’s time to allow your dream space for manifestation, it’s not a time for action as you might end up destroying the dream by forcing action during this stage. About 7-10 days after, the butterflies start emerging. Now it’s time to feed your dream, it’s the moment when your dream is out in the world, when you get to share it, but also nurture it with continuous action and high vibrations of love.

And then for the most important part – once the butterflies have expanded their wings, it’s time to let them go, let them fly in the world, let the dream manifest to its fullest potential and touch as many people as possible along the way.

If you look at your dreams right now, what stage are they in? Are they just little caterpillars? Or maybe chrysalis – and if so, are you allowing them to manifest? Or are they fully formed and you just need to release them into the world?

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