Sometimes Life Just Gives You A Perfect Moment

SnowdropsI have this thing about snowdrops. I call them my soul mate flower. While in Europe we believe they herald the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the new beginnings in life, for me they’ve always been a herald of soul mate love. They don’t grow too much in US and I remember the first time I saw them 4 years ago in Central Park, I was blown away. My heart skipped a beat as if I couldn’t even believe it at the time, I didn’t even know the possibility of seeing them in the US existed. And oddly enough, I haven’t seen them since.

This year, I decided to challenge nature and bring my soul mate flowers into my life by ordering snow drop bulbs online and planting them on my balcony as they don’t naturally grow in California. They looked quite promising, they were actually sprouting little white and green buds and I was so excited about finally seeing the buds bloom until sometime mid February when this terrible storm flooded the flowerpot and destroyed all the buds. Needless to say I was heartbroken. The leaves were still there, still green, but the buds were all gone. My soul mate flowers were gone.

PurpleCrocusFast forward to last week, I had a visit planned to my brother’s house. I had already forgotten about the snowdrops. It was already April, the season had passed and I just decided to order bulbs again this fall and try my luck again. But life, life is so tremendously amazing sometimes that even when you think there is no chance for something to happen, it shows up, true to your heart, true to your wishes, something that shows you just how amazing the love in your heart is. Not only did I get to see snowdrops this year, but I was surrounded by them. There were a few in a glass in the kitchen when I walked into my brother’s house, a few more outside right in front of their house that they had never planted, they just showed up the week before. And then, I got even more than I ever believed was possible…fields of snowdrops and purple crocus, yellow daffodils…and just spring all around. The universe not only brought me my soul mate snowdrops, but surrounded me with it, showing me one more time that the best thing in this life is the faith we have in our love. 

Maybe snowdrops don’t have the same meaning for you as they have for me (although after reading this, they probably will), but we all have times when the universe just gives us perfect moments to remind us that we are loved beyond measure and that life is actually made of beautiful little perfect moments. Take a minute this weekend and notice all the perfect moments the universe sets on your path.

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