How Do You Replace The Irreplaceable?

I finally had a chance to see Furious 7 this weekend and as most of you know, the movie ends with a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker, honoring him and what he meant to the entire team. Needless to say I got emotional about it, thinking about the people I’ve lost in my life, people who have meant the world to me, who left a world of wonder in my heart, but also a lot of emptiness.

OpenRoadSince I’ve talked about unforgettable people and experiences lately, it only seemed fitting that I would also speak about losing those people and our meager attempt every time at trying to replace them. We always try to do it even if we don’t mean it, even if we know in our hearts that it will be impossible because those people brought something in our lives that no one else will be able to bring. We know that no one will even come close to making us feel the way they did, yet we attempt to forget even for a second as if that will make the pain go away. The first time I lost someone close in my life, someone told me: “You never forget, the pain never goes way, you just learn to live with it.” I remember wondering how I’m supposed to live in a world where they don’t exist and wondering if that feeling will ever go away. It never did for me, but what it did was determine me to do everything I can to honor them.

Some people are simply unforgettable and irreplaceable, no matter how much we try it so if you’re faced with losing and unforgettable and irreplaceable person right now, stop trying, instead honor them, allow yourself to long for a little more time with them, even if that time is just in your dreams and promise yourself that your will always honor the unforgettable and irreplaceable people in your life right now, the ones that are still here to hear it and feel it every day.

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