What Lifts Up Your Spirit?

HappySomeone asked me the other day what puts me in a good mood when I have slipped over to the “dark side” or when I’m just having a off day. These are a few of the things popped in my head right away:

  • Working out (Shaun T rocks my world every time)
  • Cherries (and being surprised when cherry season comes along)
  • Cotton candy as it makes me feel like a kid
  • Singing in the car when a song I really love comes on (I know some of you out there reading this have heard me at least once or twice singing at the top of my lungs and are laughing about it at this very moment)
  • Lazy weekend mornings in the arms of a loved one
  • Hugs (you know those amazing hugs when you feel like your heart is melting into the other person’s heart)
  • Happy morning text messages
  • Flowers received for no reason especially snowdrops, my soulmate flower
  • Love notes hidden by loved ones so I can find them at the perfect time
  • Amazing surprises that remind me how loved I am
  • Kids (especially my nephews who somehow always manage to put a smile on my face)
  • The people I love. Sometimes all I have to do is think about certain people and I start smiling right away

Now I’m sure there are a lot more things that make me happy every day and turn a gloomy day into sunshine, but these were the ones that showed up in my head first.

If you look at your life, who are the people and what are the things that put you in a good mood no matter what?

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