I Believe

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge; that myth is more potent than history; that dreams are more powerful than facts; that hope always triumphs over experience; that laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.” – Robert Fulghum


I’m hardwired to believe in the good, to believe against all odds, to see the beautiful when others see the ugly, the light when others see the darkness. I’ve been told many times that it’s a naïve way of looking at the world, but I keep on going with it, knowing that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Here are a few reasons for which I choose to believe in the good in the world:

  1. Living in integrity. I may get disappointed here and there by the people around me, but I’m never disappointed in myself because I know I gave it my best and I kept my integrity along the way.
  2. Living in joy. I’m always happy when I see the best in people and circumstances. I don’t spend time stressing myself out because I believe people will make the right decisions. When they do, it gives me an opportunity to celebrate more and when they don’t, at least I didn’t spend all that time worrying about it so I have the energy and the strength to pick up the pieces and move on.
  3. Living in excellence. I get to set a standard for myself and for the people around me of living in excellence, of not putting ourselves down but always lifting each other and ourselves up.
  4. The benefit of the doubt. While I believe someone’s history can say a lot about who they are, it doesn’t say much about who they are becoming, therefore everyone gets the benefit of the doubt in my mind…at least until they prove me wrong.
  5. My dreams keep living. No matter what life throws at me, I take the good and run with it and I take the bad and figure out how to work through it, but I never waiver from my dreams.

If you look at your life which category do you most often fall into? Do you believe in the good and see the light in people even when they try really hard to show their darkness or do you spend your time wondering how you’ve been wronged, how things don’t work out for you and bury yourself in anxiety. If you’re in the latter category, what would it take for your to switch to the former one?

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