Are You Drown-Proof?

“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.” – Paulo Coelho


I was talking the other day with a friend of mine who is in the Navy about how I’ve always dreamt about training with the Navy Seals, even though my swimming capabilities are not the best. There’s something about putting the mind and the body to the test and figuring out ways to survive even in the worst circumstances has always appealed to me and training to the point of exhaustion is something I do anyway.

As we kept talking about the navy seal requirements and how the people who actually become navy seals are superhuman, we got to the drown proof exam during which the seals are thrown in a pool with their hands and feet tied together behind their backs. The idea is that they will be able to still swim and get themselves out of that situation even when a potential enemy would tie them and throw them in the water to drown. As super human as that seemed to me, it got me thinking about all the times in life when we feel like we’ve been thrown in the water with our hands and feet tied behind our backs and we have to figure out a way to survive. Whether we realize it or not, we have had this drown-proof training in many areas of our lives even though it may not seem as obvious as the Navy Seal one.

If you look at your life, do you have areas in which you already know you are drown-proof, areas where you know that even if you fall into the river, you will not drown because you will always find a way to bring your head to the surface? What are those areas? And could you extend this “training” to the areas that matter most to you?

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