To All The Fathers, But Especially Mine #fathersday

We don’t have a day to celebrate fathers in Europe and for that matter we don’t have a day to celebrate mothers either, but we do celebrate International Women’s day which celebrates all women whether they be mothers or not. Since I wrote about the women who inspired me before, I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about the men who inspired me. And of course that would start with my dad and what makes him such an amazing person. DadI was definitely a daddy’s girl growing up, from the fact that I got most of my physical traits from him to the fact that I could sweet talk him into a lot of things, just like a lot of little girls do. But there were a few things he did differently that turned me into the person I am today.

  1. He fixed things. He used to fix everything around the house to the point where I believed there was nothing he couldn’t fix. I would sit next to him as he changed outlets of fixed space heaters or changed the locks and I would time him. He has always been competitive so for the space heater it was usually 5 minutes and I would watch the clock to make sure he was on time. But what was even more important than that is that he also taught me all those things so when it came down for me to change outlets, install locks or fix things, I knew exactly what to do.
  2. He played with us. He used to work night shifts at times when we were very little. I remember my grandma telling us to be quiet because dad is sleeping, but of course we couldn’t resist and we’d go in the bedroom to make sure that he is indeed sleeping and wake him up in the process. He would take the time to play no matter how tired he was.
  3. He extended the love. Just like my mom or my aunt or pretty much everyone in my family, he always extended the love to anyone we loved; friends, boyfriends, girlfriends were loved and welcomed as long as they made us happy. However if they didn’t make us happy for any reason, then he would somehow turn into this fierce defender and protect us as if our lives depended on it.
  4. He has always been supportive. Even if he didn’t agree with our decisions, even if he would have made a different choice in a particular situation, he still supported every decision we made. He made sure we knew about it if he didn’t agree, but once the decision was made and we moved forward with it, he was always on board.
  5. He has always been proud of his family. Even though both his kids and his grandkids live on a different continent and he doesn’t get to see us too often, he’s always proud and always brags about us to anyone who would listen.
  6. He’s one of the few people I know, let alone men, who know how to make homemade chocolate. It was a thing we did as kids. My mom did most of the cooking and baking in the house, but he would have his staple things like homemade chocolate or crepes, where my mom would step back and he would take over the kitchen.
  7. He’s always been a romantic and a nostalgic. And maybe that’s where I got it from. But he gets attached to people or things and he finds it hard to let go or to stop believing. I think it comes down to him believing in people and also thinking that objects have their own soul too.
  8. He loves watches. And I know that’s where I got it from. My first watch ever was a pink electronic watch that broke down soon after I got it, but he got me my first automatic watch and he was the first person I knew who believed in having more than one watch.

As I grew up and moved away, I was blessed with having more than one father figure in my life as my friends’ fathers became fathers to me and invited me into their home, but my father still remains the one and only who qualifies for the name “dad.” If you look at your life, who are the men you’d like to honor, not just your father, but all the men inspired you, who shaped your life, who continue to be your role model no matter how much you grown and how much things in your life change? What were the things you learned that made a difference in the person you are today?

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