Nike Had A Point – Just Do it!

I was out in the desert this weekend with some dear friends of mine and we rented ATVs to run around on the desert dunes. I had never been on one before, nor do I know how to ride a motorcycle or anything remotely closer to an ATV. Now I’ve been known to jump into things like that without thinking too much about it…see the post about ice-skating this past winter and deciding to go riding was pretty much a “jump in” decision.


The great things about jumping into things and allowing yourself to just do things without overthinking them, without putting so much pressure is that those end up being the most treasured memories of our lives. As I’m writing this post now, I can’t help but smiling when I think about the first moment on the ATV, getting on the dunes, feeling a little scared, not really knowing what to do and then less than an hour later doing jumps with everyone, laughing, high-fiving as we passed each other and forgetting about the 115F temperature, the sand blasted in our faces, or the fact that my heart was filled with excitement and fear at every jump.

What was the last time you just did something? No preparation, no thinking about it, but you just jumped in, did your best and had the best time every. And if it’s been a while, isn’t it time you just did it?


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