Did You Set Out To Be Average?

SunsetA few days after an amazing experience seeing one of my good friends get married and commit his life to his twin flame, to the woman he loves with all his heart, I had a conversation with another friend about love and marriage. He doesn’t believe in marriage and as he put it “what’s the point in even getting married when most marriages end in divorce.” So I did a little research. To some extent, he was right, the average marriage is not ideal and a lot of them end in divorce while others just get to a point where the people die out on the inside and learn to live with it anyway.

Being an eternal optimist though, I found a way to counter his statement. Maybe the average marriage is unhappy or does end up in divorce, but I never set out to be average. Not in my life, not in my work and most definitely not in my relationships. With that in mind, I realized that no matter what we look at and what the odds are for the average thing in a certain aspect of our lives, all that matters is what we set out to be. Do we set out to be average or do we set out to be extraordinary? I think you already know my answer by now, but have you taken the time to find your answer?

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