How Low Can You Go?

I was listening to an online seminar recently and in the Q&A section at the end, one of the people said: “After all, people can only sink so low before coming back up.” The trainer paused for a second and answered: “Never underestimate how low someone can sink.”


It got me thinking about it, about myself and the people I’ve encountered in my life, some of them who have risen more than anyone could have ever thought and others who have sunk more than was even imaginable to most of us. Since my optimism and positivity knows no bounds, I had a hard time with the idea that there’s no limit to how low people can sink as I have the tendency to believe that people always try to do their best even when they mess up royally. Unfortunately sometimes this idea of seeing the best in everyone and everything can also prevent me from seeing the reality just as it is. It has worked great with people who are always striving to be better and they want to have someone who believes in them at every step, but it has also turned against me with people taking advantage of it. Yet nothing and no one has been able to break my approach. All they have done is make me appreciate the people around me even more and believe in them even more.

But then I took a closer look at the people in my life, the ones who sank, the ones who rose, the ones who stayed and them ones who left. Some of them rose and sank with a bang, others slowly faded away or became a bigger part of my life. While most of us rise and sink throughout our lives and some of us manage to always stay above a certain baseline that defines who we are no matter what is happening, I have to admit that I have also met those people who have managed to sink so low it was beyond anything I or anyone else around them could have ever imagined. One thing that I would add to the trainer’s comment was that when someone sinks that low, they will inevitably try to bring other people down with them, bring them into their misery…sort of like a black hole sucking everything in.

When you look at your life, the highs and the lows, do you have a baseline? Do you have something you’d never do or a level you would never sink to no matter what was happening? Whether you do or even if you don’t have a baseline right now, could you establish one for yourself to support you during those moments when it feels like you are losing your moral stand and you are sinking lower and lower? Could you put a limit on your rock bottom?

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