Be Worthy Of Being Believed In

Have you ever had the feeling you didn’t belong? The feeling that you were somehow a fraud in your own life and that you will sooner or later be found out? If you’re like most of us, you have not only experienced that feeling, but you’ve been through it quite a few times in your life.


I’m one of those people who like to prepare for a presentation or any sort of important encounter. I do my research, I prepare speeches and questions, I’m on top of my game. Yet a little while ago, I was in a situation where not only did I have to “wing it”, but I had to do so in a field that I’m completely unfamiliar with. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but one of the things that helped me was that I remembered at that very moment this amazing TED Talk I had watched a few years before. It’s a brilliant talk by Amy Cuddy entitled Your Body Languages Shapes Who You Are. She talks about the importance of stepping into our power by simply power posing therefore convincing out brain and our body that we not only belong there, but we are running the show. Needless to say it actually worked. I only had a few minutes to get acquainted to the subject before the presentation, but I was able to not only infer from the knowledge I already had, but I was also able to look confident and authoritative.

This entire experience got me thinking about our power to be worthy of being believed it, to be worthy of being looked up to even when we are scared, even when we’re unsure, even when we feel we don’t belong. I’m not talking about being cocky, I’m simply talking about owning our power, standing our ground and realizing and we’re so much more than we diminish ourselves to be.

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