Can You Be A FREAK?

I bet you read that title and you wondered what on earth I was going to talk about today. Truth be told, it is about being a FREAK or better-said acting FREAK. I was reading something last night about this principle a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists use with their patients, especially the ones who have trouble with social connections. The acronym for that principle is truly FREAK.

Face. When we are in a situation where we don’t feel quite comfortable and our first instinct is to shut down, the best thing we can do is face it.

React. Only after we have faced the situation can we react in a way that doesn’t further escalate the situation, only then can we react in a way that leads to problem solving and furthering the relationship and the condition.

Empathize. This may be a challenging thing for some of us depending on the situation. Sometimes people do things that are hard to understand, hard to accept and even harder to live with. But if we can find a way to still empathize, to put ourselves in their shoes, then we’re one step closer to a better relationship.

Affirm. Whether it’s our opinion, our position, where we stand on a certain matter, what we plan on doing, we need to affirm it in a way that allows the other people to see through and to understand what is going on from our perspective.

Kill it. This is the part where the situation either gets diffused or we agree to disagree about a certain situation and move one. It’s the conclusion, the moment when we look back on the previous steps, learn what needs to be learned and move forward with a different view and a different attitude.

Next time you’re faced with a challenging situation, try it on! See what it’s like to be a “freak” and how liberating it can be.

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